(NSFW + GTS Growth) Bowsette's Fury

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Bowsette has grown into a giantess, but it's still not enough. She's on a search for more power, and has found something. At the heart of an ancient temple lies a black tar said to possess immeasurable power, and Bowsette still needs more. She still needs to get even bigger.

Product Includes:

- Full audio story with sound effects.

- Full script.

- Exclusive story - only available here

Cover by MinMax: https://www.deviantart.com/minmax3d

See more stories at https://www.sgaaudio.com

Support email: sizeboxgrowthanimator@gmail.com

#NSFW #GiantessGrowth #ButtExpansion #BreastExpansion #Destruction #ThirdPersonNarration

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(NSFW + GTS Growth) Bowsette's Fury

0 ratings